Feeling abandoned??


So I ask you, how do you deal with your emotions?? No really, how?? Life can be frustrating some times, and well, we either deal with the emotion, or we stuff it and pretend it isn’t there… I guess it’s all in how you’ve been taught how to deal with your feelings… I guess it’s all about how you were brought up. For myself, I brought myself up. I had no real teachings about feelings, hell, my mother drank her feelings away. I guess that’s what I was taught, it was to drowned it in drinking and fighting with her spouse. It’s funny how we learn the things we don’t want to do as adults, but don’t learn what we need to.

Like fighting with your spouse. I KNEW that I was not going to have a relationship with anybody that contained fighting. You wonder where I put my frustrations and feelings, somewhere I’m sure, but I don’t make it obvious to the other person involved, why? Because I’m afraid they will walk away and I will be abandoned once again…

So how do we feel with knowing that abandonment is an important part of everyone’s life… Abandonment from a parent, a spouse, or family member, is tough, trust me I know… So how do we get over it?? How do we deal with the feelings that surround the abandonment, and how about dealing with the continuous knee jerk reaction that we all face with pushing people away?

Please this is a forum, I would like to hear your responses... I would like to make this a learning experience not only for you, but for myself.

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